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More playing around with Repix. What a fun app!


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Look at the teeny little laptop…

After reading James Kendrick’s post on how he could get real work done with keyboards that were the same width as the iPad mini, I was intrigued. I had originally been pooh-poohing those Bluetooth keyboards because I figured they would be way too small to actually touch type on. However, James posted to the contrary. I waited a while before getting a keyboard for my iPad mini because a) I already had a ZAGGKeys keyboard for my iPad 2 that I could repurpose for the few times I felt like blogging from my iPad mini, and b) I didn’t anticipate needing a BT keyboard very much. The iPad mini is not my main device. My Optimus G Pro often serves as my mini-tablets these days.


Cut to yesterday when I decided to take the plunge. I misremembered which Logitech keyboard James had reviewed. I bought the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini by mistake, but no matter, because it looks and works great. I suspect that the layout is the same as the Logitech mini keyboard folio case James had written about. It’s definitely small, and probably not comfortable for hugely extensive writing projects, but for me and my occasional blogging/writing, I think this is a pretty good keyboard.

After less than half a day of testing it out, I am comfortably touch typing with it. Yes, it’ll take a little while to get used to such a tiny keyboard, but for me, not a dealbreaker. The keys have a great feel and travel, not mushy at all. The finish of the underside, which becomes the front cover of the iPad mini “laptop” perfectly matches the finish of my black iPad mini’s aluminum case. The only thing I am a little wary about is that my iPad mini is naked, with no back cover. But in exchange, when the keyboard is snapped onto the front of the mini like the magnetic Smart Cover that Apple sells, the whole package is so thin, light, and sleek. And even if I don’t always use the keyboard, it makes a nice stand for the mini. The groove into which the iPad mini is placed has some magnets which help stabilize the device, a nice touch.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the purchase. It satisfies both the gadgety toy and productive tool sides of the equation. 🙂