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ZeroLemon 9300 mAh Extended Battery for LG Optimus G Pro – Quick Thoughts

I impulsively ordered the ZeroLemon extended battery for the Optimus G Pro after I’d read an article proclaiming their availability. They were pretty cheap on Amazon, so I decided to take a chance. I just got the battery yesterday and put it on charge as much as I could during the day and overnight. This thing is huge, obviously, considering the stock battery is 3140 mAh compared to the 9300 mAh of the ZeroLemon battery.

Comparison shot with the G Pro in the OEM “folio” case



With the battery and the flexible, but protective TPU case installed, the G Pro becomes quite a handful. I don’t mind the extra bulk if I can get multi-day use out of one charge, but the weight is a pretty difficult thing for me and my wrists to handle. I was going to try and use the extended battery during this upcoming week, but after just about a day of using the device with the battery installed, my wrists are crying. So it’ll have to be relegated to occasions where it’s absolutely necessary, like all-day trade shows, auto shows, or photo walks.

Although I obviously didn’t get to use the battery and run it all the way down, I noticed that only a few percentage points of battery level were consumed by my routine morning’s usage. This gives me confidence that using this battery would comfortably get me through a 12-hr day, even with a lot of network and camera usage, two huge battery-zapping activities.

The TPU case is decent, with its texture providing a lot more grip than either OEM battery covers/cases I have. With the battery and case installed, the phone feels solid and chunky. Perhaps those with larger hands would not be bothered by all the extra weight. Sadly, the new Joby GripTight Mount I bought would not be able to hold the G Pro + extended battery, but I could probably find an alternative.

I’m definitely looking forward to putting the battery through its paces sometime, but for now I have to give my wrists a rest. *ouch*








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