Damn you, Indecision!

Blogging Update: Shutting Down Posterous…G+ Here I Come?

Hi, Kids.

You know I’ve been pretty scarce on the blogs for a while now. Part of it was lack of time/motivation to write after work, and part of it was being pretty active on Google+. I always got more reader engagement on my social networks — first Twitter, then Google+ — than I did on my blogs, as much as I tried to “pimp” my blog activity (which admittedly wasn’t a whole lot). So it probably comes as no surprise that I chose to spend more time on my social networks thanks to a higher “ROI”.

But even though this is the case, I’m rather annoyed at Posterous shutting down in April. I moved to Posterous (while still cross-posting back to Late to the Party) because they had a very easy way of handling embedded media. WordPress.com required some workarounds to embed things like YouTube and other videos, and limited ways of handling photos. Posterous automatically and intelligently embedded whatever media you threw at it, even file attachments for direct downloads. They also had nice themes, and the ability to post via e-mail, which was even bigger for me than the embedded media handling. Why I can’t e-mail posts to WordPress.com (I still don’t think you can, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) is beyond me. Sure, there are mobile blog apps now, but sometimes a simple e-mail is all I want to deal with. And finally, they had some pretty great cross-posting features. You could easily choose an e-mail alias to post to all configured services — like Flickr, other blogs, Twitter, Facebook — or pick a subset of those services if you liked. Such a useful service, but I guess I can’t get that mad about them shutting down considering it was free. :-/

Well, whatever. It was nice using Posterous, but now I’m wondering where to migrate now. It’s probably a bit of a moot question considering I’ll likely still just post most of my content on Google+ as I’ve been doing, and only blog once every now and then. I sometimes have grand ideas of setting up my own blog on some service like Squarespace, or perhaps just becoming more active on my old Tumblr site, or reinvigorating Late to the Party, but because it’s easiest for me to peruse my social networks and RSS feeds and share these links directly to G+ via my mobile devices, I don’t think I’ll ever really throw myself into regular blogging again… But never say never.

I thought about making G+ my blog, since it kind of is already, but I don’t know. Part of me thinks that I shouldn’t consolidate all of my content on one service because the same thing that happened with Posterous could happen again. But I know that I’m not motivated enough to run my own personal server and host everything on my own.

Again, probably a moot exercise, but if you guys have any suggestions for a good blogging service (preferably one that’s low-maintenance), I’m open to them. In the meantime, please follow me on Google+. If you’re partial to Twitter, my G+ posts get cross-posted over there.


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