Damn you, Indecision!


Apologies for the lack of posting. If you’re not following me on Google+, you’re missing a lot of my shares. It’s kind of become my blog in a way since it’s so easy to share things (and have them be cross-posted to Twitter) from Google Reader, in which I tend to live in thanks to my professional blogging gig. 

At any rate, you may or may not have known that I went to CES 2012 a few weeks ago for my work with Netbook News. I had a pretty good time (it’s kind of a brutal schedule, so it’s not all fun), but I still haven’t had a chance to go through my photos and videos. I typed up a huge journal entry trying to recall all the stuff that happened while it was still fresh in my mind. Eventually I’d like to post snippets from it.

Another thing on my radar right now is Macworld/iWorld. It’s my first time attending; I was able to snag a press pass for it. I went on Wednesday, press preview day, which was alright. Since I’ll be hitting up the exhibit floor on Friday (and likely Saturday), it wouldn’t have killed me if I missed the press preview day. The website made it seem like there would be significant amount of exhibitors available to talk to before the show is opened up to the public, but there really weren’t. I went to the media reception to see which exhibitors would be there, and I saw a few interesting things, but again, I probably would’ve seen them on the show floor in a more exciting atmosphere. Atmosphere for an event like Macworld is important. Being there on Wednesday was a little bit like watching a movie like Rocky Horror Picture Show (in other words, a movie that benefits from a participatory audience) in a nearly empty theatre. But from the tweets I’ve read today about the first public show day, it sounds like it went much better. I’ll be there tomorrow!

 P.S. I’m posting this from my iPad using Blogsy, so if the post ends up looking wonky, apologies. Trying to test out different ways of trying to blog from the iPad. 


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