Damn you, Indecision!

Psycho Donuts – Key Lime Pie

Here’s the last of my half of the donuts from the first batch we ever
bought from Psycho Donuts in Campbell, CA.

It’s a raised donut (I think that’s what they’re called…?) with key
lime pie-flavored icing. It was good, but it’s my least favorite of
the three. But that’s mainly because I now seem to prefer cake donuts
to raised donuts. It was a fairly large donut, too. I probably
could’ve just eaten half, but then the other half would’ve gotten too
stale and ended up in the garbage. No wasting here! 🙂

Anyway, I think we successfully found a donut shop where we would want
to be repeat customers. The challenge now is to limit how often we
visit, both for our health and our budget. Psycho Donuts is on the
pricier side, but I can say without question they’re worth the price.

(No, I didn’t have a Sierra Nevada Celebration ale with the donut —
ewww! — I just used the box as a contrasting background. 🙂 )


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