Damn you, Indecision!

iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus: Comparison Between Two Hot Phones

I'm usually wary of the tech news articles that come out when a new, hot phone-of-the-moment is announced and is compared with previous models, especially before the hot phone has actually been released! However, you can take specs and known factors and use them for research if you are considering phone X or phone Y, in this case, the Apple iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. 


I'm also wary of articles that claim to know definitively what phone you should get, without considering individuals' needs and use cases. That's not doing the buyer any good. 

I just posted an article on Netbook News that presents a lot of major features for comparison between the two phones so that if you are considering getting one or the other (lucky you if you get both! Will you be my friend and lend them both to me? 🙂 ), you can make more of an informed decision than just asking a random salesperson at a big-box retailer or a mobile carrier store on the spot which phone you should get.

I know Friday's here and a lot of people are already offline and having their weekend fun, but if you have some time (or a lot of time…it's a long article!), I'd sure appreciate you checking out the article, and maybe commenting here or over there if there are points you think I missed, or didn't emphasize enough, or just got plain wrong. Please be respectful, though! 

And if you like what I wrote, please do share it with your friends and family online and offline. Thanks. 🙂


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