Damn you, Indecision!

Perhaps Blogging on a Mobile-OS Tablet Can Still Work…


Earlier I had posted an article earnestly asking whether or not it were possible for someone do to full blogging from a mobile-OS tablet. I had concluded that for the work I am doing now, not my personal blogging, it would probably not be feasible on a mobile-OS tablet, but now I have reason to try again.

I may still run into problems, because as far as I can tell, I cannot e-mail posts to a WordPress blog like I can with Posterous (that’s a major reason I switched to Posterous). So if I were to type up and format the whole article on my tablet, I’m not sure how I’d actually post it to the site and stil insert photos and tag the article properly. The WordPress app for iOS (or webOS) doesn’t work completely to my satisfaction, unfortunately.

But I’ll definitely look into other writing apps for the iPad. It might be useful for composing most of the article and pasting it into the WordPress app, then switching over to my laptop to do some final, small tweaks. Originally I didn’t want to have to finish the post on any device other than my tablet. But if I can get the most out of writing and researching for an article on the tablet, I guess I can deal with doing the last minor fixes on my laptop.


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