Damn you, Indecision!

Seen at Westfield Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara: Microsoft vs. Apple

And I mean literally across the way from the Apple Store:


We were amused by the sight. 🙂 

When the news first came out that Microsoft was going to make their own retail stores, I really didn’t care about it. I wasn’t interested in any of their latest products then, except maybe the Xbox 360 and the Zune, sort of. I had already moved on from a Tablet PC to a unibody aluminum MacBook (which I’m still using now). But now, Windows 8 devices, Windows Phone phones, and even some of the upcoming Ultrabooks have me pretty eager to see what they’ll have to offer at the Microsoft Store. I’ll at least enjoy being able to play around with some Windows Phone phones and Windows 8 tablets at a venue nicer than Fry’s. I like going to a Sony Style store to check out all Sony’s products, so I expect the Microsoft Store will be a similar experience. 

Seeing some of the Windows 8 demos at IDF has really gotten me eager to see whether it finally delivers on the promise that Tablet PCs and UMPCs tried to deliver on years ago. I like that Windows 8 finally seems to take touch input seriously. And the demos look damn slick. Of course, demos can be tightly controlled to look slick, so I reserve final judgment for when the real products are out. But the concepts behind Windows 8 seem quite solid. I’ll enjoy watching this next phase of Microsoft and Apple in competition. 

Though I think it’s kind of lame that the banner announcing the Microsoft Store definitely looks Apple-like, even the way the employees are dressed, with their name tags on lanyards like Apple Store employees. *shaking my head*


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