Damn you, Indecision!

Rip it! Rip it good!


I know, the title is so groanworthy, but I had to type it. 🙂 The device in the video from Engadget is called the Boogie Board Rip (“Record. Image. Preserve.”) eWriting Pad. When I first heard of its predecessor, the Boogie Board, I thought it was a really niche-y product and didn’t find much use for it personally since the notes you scribble on it couldn’t be saved or manipulated in any way. Basically you note something down and erase it when you’re done — a high-tech whiteboard.

However, with this Boogie Board Rip, now notes can be saved to the internal memory, then transferred to the computer and converted into a PDF. This makes this device, while still a bit of a goofy concept, way more useful to me. I could conceivably use it for ink blog posts, assuming the conversion to PDF looks smooth enough. The caveat would be that there’s no way to erase mistakes. I’d have to operate like I’m writing with pen on paper and just scratch out errors, which is alright, I guess.

In general I like the idea of a paperless notepad for temporary notes. I have been trying to be as paperless as possible, so I type out a lot of notes in cloud services like Springpad or Simplenote, either on my phone, my tablet, or my computer, but sometimes I like to sketch things out. The Boogie Board Rip might be a cool device to keep around for times like that. It’s a bit pricey at the suggested price of around $100, but if I could find it online for a little cheaper, I could be convinced to get one. 🙂


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