Damn you, Indecision!

Syncomatic: automatically send iPhone photos to your Mac


I haven’t checked to see if the app is still half-price, but even at full price it sounds like a good app to have in your arsenal. I’ve actually been using an Android phone lately as my primary device (poor iPhone 4’s been neglected!), and the Instant Upload feature in the Android Google+ app automatically sends all of my photos and videos up to a private, online album in Picasa. This is incredibly handy, and I’m sort of annoyed Google didn’t implement this in the iOS Google+ app.

I barely like to connect my iPhone to my computer because I don’t like messing with iTunes…ever. I don’t sync music to my iPhone (streaming and on-device podcast downloads FTW), or put movies on it. A lot of my info on the iPhone is backed up in the cloud anyway (Springpad, Gmail, Simplenote), but I don’t have a cloud or any other backup solution for my photos. Syncomatic seems like a no-fuss way of getting this done.

I will say, however, when iOS5 (which supposedly will have wireless syncing) and iCloud become available, this app will probably duplicate photo backup features in iOS5. However, I think it’ll still be useful in the meantime. And they may add syncing features that iOS5 or iCloud won’t have. Many apps whose basic features were eventually added to iOS natively still found a way to survive.

At any rate, if I get this app, I’ll be sure to report back on how well it works.


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