Damn you, Indecision!

What’s in your pockets?

What's in your pocket?

Been perusing everyday-carry.com, drooling over people's gear, and decided to post what my basic everyday carry items are.

I usually carry a bag with more items than this, like gum, hand sanitizer, a packet of tissues or loose napkins, Advil/Excedrin, more pens, a camera (with or without an extra lens) and whatever gadgets I'm into at the moment. Recently I've been using this non-descript Eddie Bauer mini-backpack that can carry a hugely surprising amount of stuff given its apparent size, or this simple Coach purse that my parents gave me for my birthday this year (which can hold my Galaxy Tab 7, but not any other larger tablets).

However, as I usually feel during the summer, for some reason, I sometimes want to ditch the bag and just carry the essentials in my pockets. When that happens, I just carry my wallet (a minimalist plastic wallet by jimi), my keychain (with a Leatherman Micra, iPhone 4 SIM door tool, and Inka ballpoint pen in addition to keys), and my phone. This time it's the iPhone 4 in the Exogear external battery case, usually not necessary, but when I take many photos, do lots of photo editing on the phone, or use GPS tracking like I have been more recently on walks, it runs the battery down faster than normal. Turning on the external battery is more convenient than rustling up a charger cable. Other days I might use a Pre 2 or an ATRIX 4G, hence the iPhone SIM door tool at the ready on my keychain. đŸ™‚

Show me what your everyday carry items are!


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