Damn you, Indecision!

My 35th Birthday Wish


Hi, All. 

My 35th birthday is coming up very soon and I just have one tiny request: please go to my Smugmug gallery of prints for sale and buy a print. 🙂 I've collected a bunch of photos taken with my iPhone, some oldie but goodie photos of Millennium Park in Chicago, and some photos from Santa Cruz and made them available for purchase in many different sizes. 

So if you enjoyed reading my blog, or if I helped you on Twitter or Facebook with some tech issues, or if you've been wanting to get some new art for your home, office, or as a gift, I humbly submit my photos and photo art for perusal. And please feel free to RT this if you think your friends/followers would like to purchase something as well.

If you see a photo in my Smugmug or Flickr galleries that isn't in the for sale gallery, let me know and I can make it available. I also plan to add more photos over the next few days, so if you want to subscribe to the gallery in an RSS reader, please do so!

I figure this is better than asking people to tip me or buy something from my Amazon wishlist because this way you get something that you want, while helping me out. 🙂 I'll be RTing this for a few days to help drum up interest, so apologies in advance for any semblance of spam. I'll try not to go overboard. If other people RT this for me, then that's less RTing I'll do, so please help a geek girl out!



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