Damn you, Indecision!

Test shot edited with Photoforge2

Last night I saw Photoforge2 finally hit the App Store, so I snatched it up while it was on sale for $.99 (a major steal!). It’ll be $4.99 regularly, which given its features, is still quite inexpensive. It’s on sale for launch day, May 19, to help defray upgrade costs for users of the original Photoforge app, so grab it while you can! GhostBird Software also says on their site that this will eventually be a universal app, so this purchase is even more of a great deal when you take that into consideration.

The developers got an extra $1.99 out of me via an in-app purchase of the Pop! Cam filters. You can try out the various filters before buying it. I highly recommend doing so. There are a ton of lenses, films, paper types, flashes, frames and processes to choose from, so there is PLENTY to experiment with. In fact, I think they could sell the Pop! Cam part individually as a camera app if they wanted to; it’s that good and complete.

This is another one of my lamp shots edited with only the Pop! Cam portion of Photoforge2. There are many other powerful editing features in this app that you can see in their impressive demo video.



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