Damn you, Indecision!

I don’t need an i*Pad 2, but…

Editor’s Note: Damn WordPress.com, why can you still not just handle YouTube embeds like Posterous? Gah. Sorry Readers, you’ll have to click on the link for Life in LoFi to watch the YouTube video. :-/

Awesome preview video for the upcoming Photoforge 2! I use Filterstorm and Photogene a lot more than Photoforge currently because their features and UI are more pleasant to use. However, this new UI and the new features are quite alluring!

On a related note, since I have an iPad and am quite happy with it, I wasn’t planning on upgrading to the iPad 2, even though I have serious accessory envy for the Smart Cover and similar cases… I digress. The main reason I would try upgrading to the iPad 2 is for photo apps like this. It seems that Photoforge 2 as well as Filterstorm Pro are limited on the original iPad. The older processor and RAM limitations on the iPad means it can’t really export photos larger than 7 or 8MP. But the iPad 2 can process and export photos up to 22MP with apps like this.

Increasingly I prefer editing my photos on my iPhone 4 or iPad. Granted, many of the photos I take now are iPhone 4 photos, but I still shoot with my DSLRs and have copied photos over to the iPad to edit them. I have a ton of photo editing apps that work quite well with touch controls, and they have more interesting, creative filters to boot. I can even do basic cropping, levels, curves, and sharpening on these apps, simple edits that comprise the bulk of what I do on my laptop anyway.

My biggest beef with editing on my iPhone or iPad is the inevitable downsampling that some photo apps force on my large original photos. A lot of the apps that I use most support higher resolutions now, but it still seems like the max output resolution is around 7 or 8MP. That’s fine for iPhone 4 photos, since they’re 5MP, but my GF1 and D90 photos are much larger than that. The fact that the iPad 2 has enough processing power to handle photos up to 22MP is quite appealing, especially for photographers who have embraced all of these great photo editing apps on iOS.

I admit, I am not a Photoshop fiend. I don’t usually do complex edits on my photos, so YMMV if you’re a professional photographer. But as shown in the preview video above, iOS editing apps are getting more and more “pro-level” features. I can easily see some pro photogs using an iPad 2 to do quick proofs for their clients on the spot, then going back to do more comprehensive edits later (if necessary).

So yeah. If I had the money, I’d upgrade to the iPad 2 to take advantage of the better processor and RAM specs to edit and export larger photos. Alas, it’s not meant to be right now. Maybe by the time the iPad 3 comes out the budget will cooperate. :-/


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