Damn you, Indecision!

Test shot using the new Clarity feature in Camera+


The new Clarity feature in Camera+ is like a combo of the shadow/highlight and unsharp mask commands in Photoshop. Pretty nice. Those are two of the commands I use most (besides crop and levels) when editing photos. If I got the photo mostly right in the camera, all I do is tweak the levels a little, then do a dehazing unsharp mask (check the local contrast enhancement tutorial on Luminous Landscape) for basic edits. The Clarity feature is a nice time saver in this regard. However, I wish it had an adjustment slider like the filters do. And I wish it were separate from the other scene modes so I could use it in combination with a different scene. On a related note, I still wish I could layer the different filters in Camera+ instead of only being able to use one per editing session. At any rate, I am loving Camera+ more and more. It’s currently in the dock as my replacement for the stock camera app.


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