Damn you, Indecision!

Tonight’s sunset

Decided to take my new Pre 2’s camera out for a spin this evening. Its saturation seems a lot lower than my iPhone 4’s camera. In some situations, like in our townhouse with the too-warm CFLs, it’s nice. But for really nice, candy-colored sunsets like tonight, not so much. So in this photo I had the help of the MOLO Photo Filters app that I bought earlier this afternoon. 

I don’t yet know the specifics, but for some reason photo filter/editing apps running on currently-released webOS devices don’t do their processing on the device itself. They are instead cloud-based apps that upload photos to a server, run the editing action, whatever it is, then reupload the photo to your phone. The apps have disclaimers that say the photos are deleted from the servers every 30 or 60 mins, depending on the app. For me, it’s quite an adjustment, coming from iOS and its many photo apps with native device processing. But I’m hoping that soon webOS will be able to do the same type of photo editing possible on iOS devices. Or at least if webOS still dictates that photo editor apps be cloud-based, that apps like ShakeItPhoto, Hipstamatic, CameraBag, Cross Process, Filterstorm, etc., are somehow ported over. It’s kind of an interesting way of offloading processing power to a server, but then you need wireless connectivity and doing multiple layers of editing becomes more time-consuming. Not to mention losing app functionality if the server is down, which could easily happen if the app becomes hugely popular and too many people are trying to access the server at once.

Anyway, I like some of the filters available in the MOLO app. There are also some well-done “grunge” effects and borders. I’ll be playing around with this app and other webOS photo editing apps, so stay tuned.


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