Damn you, Indecision!

So you wanna learn JavaScript?

Hi, Kids. Just thought I'd post a few helpful links I've found recently during my efforts to give myself a crash course in JavaScript development. I'm trying to learn JavaScript so I can do Palm webOS programming, so a little bit of the info here webOS-related, but not all.

Besides trying to read Mitch Allen's O'Reilly book on webOS, I decided to see if there were any webOS-related podcasts that I could also listen to for the latest news. I stumbled across a series of Stanford lecture videos in iTunes U called Developing Mobile Apps with Web Technologies (iTunes link) with lecturers from HP/Palm. So far I've only watched 3 out of the 8 available lecture videos, but I've found them pretty fascinating. Coming from a C++ background, all of this JavaScript, web programming stuff is quite different, but in a great way. Wish I'd gotten into web programming languages sooner!

Anyway, in the first video lecture I watched, Ben Galbraith, the lecturer, recommended another series of JavaScript lecture/tutorial videos by Douglas Crockford. A quick Google search yielded a link to an old Metafilter thread about the videos. Further down in the discussion thread on Metafilter, someone posted the original Yahoo Developer Network page that hosts all of the videos along with presentation slides. There you can download .m4v files if you prefer that to streaming the video.

Lastly, I found another site listing 15 essential JavaScript video tutorials, some of which seem to be the same Douglas Crockford videos I mentioned earlier. That page also has other links for JavaScript resources that look pretty useful (haven't checked them out yet).

YMMV with these links. Of course there are several JavaScript books out there, but I haven't gotten that far in researching those. I have heard that JavaScript: The Good Parts is a good reference. And what do you know, it's written by Douglas Crockford. šŸ™‚ I'll try to post more stuff as I find it. Enjoy!


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