Damn you, Indecision!

Yay, my calendar is here!

*NOTE: The red is exaggerated in this photo than in reality, so please don’t be put off by this hastily snapped photo.

I put together a calendar of several iPhone photos I took recently (as blogged previously). I finally got the “test” calendar I ordered from Lulu.com to see what the quality would be like. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the calendar turned out. Some of the pictures are a tad too reddish or yellowish, but not horribly so. I have found that photos that look fine on my Mac or iPhone have slightly skewed colors/exposure when printed out on a thermal printer (like the ones that spit out 4″x6″ prints), so this is not so surprising. Just wish I knew how to correct the problem, or know how to direct the printing service to fix it. :-/ Something to learn about later. Besides some of the photos skewing a little too red or yellow, I am quite happy with the sharpness of the print quality and the thickness of the calendar pages. Very sturdy, nicer than most calendars you’d buy at the bookstore. And this isn’t even the premium paper! Nice. 🙂

At any rate, if you are still interested in getting one of these calendars, you can still order from Lulu and get it by Dec. 24, but not for long (last day for ground shipping by the 24th is tomorrow, the 14th). So get crackin’! 😀


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