Damn you, Indecision!

Sometimes I Go Overboard #iPhoneography #ProHDR #Iris

This is the original sunset I used for yesterday’s photo, “Ablaze”. As you can see, it’s perfectly good in its own right, but for some reason yesterday, I felt the need to “tart it up” a little. :-/

Most of the time, especially with DSLR photos, I don’t like to make photos look too far off from how they looked in reality. Sure, I tweak levels, contrast, and saturation since most digital camera photos need basic tweaking to get them back to the level of what I actually saw. But sometimes it’s nice to give a photo extra oomph, or perhaps even go way overboard with post-processing to transform a scene to have a completely different mood.

I feel this way more often with photos taken with my iPhone. There are so many wonderful apps to help go beyond simply documenting what you saw. With more apps allowing you to blend and mask layers, combining fantastic effects, it’s fun, enticing, and engrossing to see just how far you can push a photo into a complex work of art. But sometimes it’s good to step back and go simple, minimal. Try to get it right “in the camera”.

So here’s my step back, just a sunset processed in ProHDR and cropped in Iris Photo Suite.


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