Damn you, Indecision!

A little break from ‘Roid Week

Hey, Kids. I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep posting new stuff to this blog. Cross-posting from Posterous isn’t working so great since many times the photos get duped and any changes I make to the Posterous entry after the initial post don’t get pushed over here. Frustrating.


Somewhere I stumbled across the technique called “freelensing”, where you hold your SLR lens against the mount and swivel it around to focus (please Google for more details; I’m not responsible for any damage you inflict on your camera!). It seems like the “poor man’s” alternative to getting a Lensbaby. Works for me, since I don’t have the budget for a Lensbaby yet (it’s on my Amazon Wish List, in case anyone wants to be ridiculously generous 😀 ), I was happy to try this out. Hope I’m not ruining my D90 with this experiment… *sheepish grin*


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