Damn you, Indecision!

Sanho’s 750GB HyperDrive photo backup HDD plays nice with your iPad

Checking in with 750GB of open space, this unit boasts a “patent pending ability to turn individual file folders into virtual 32GB drives on the fly that are readable by the iPad,” and as you’d expect, there’s also a CompactFlash and Secure Digital slot for offloading images directly from your camera’s memory card (at up to 40MB/sec).

Via Engadget

Ah! I didn’t know about the 32GB limitation regarding external USB drives supported by the iPad (via the Camera Connector Kit). When I first heard about this device, I just thought it was piggybacking on the popularity of the iPad, and that any other battery-powered external USB drive similar to this one would work just as well. My bad! I still thought this was a useful device when I first read about it a week or so ago, especially for photographers who want a lightweight solution for offloading memory cards and want to do some reviewing and/or editing on the iPad itself. I would definitely consider adding this device to my photography travel kit.



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