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Interesting Accessory for iPhone/iPad: PNY zoomIt for SD cards

I just recently was able to find the Apple Camera Connector Kit for the iPad at a local Apple Store.  It is quite handy for offloading photos to the iPad for viewing and/or editing them without needing a computer go-between.  I was a little bit disappointed in a couple ways, though:

1. The SD dongle isn’t compatible with the iPhone, which I knew already, but I still question why Apple decided to (I assume) artificially cripple the iPhone so that it can’t use the SD reader.

2. This is an indirect beef with the CCK that might away when the iPad gets iOS 4.0 — some of the photo editing apps that I like using on the iPhone, particularly ProHDR, aren’t compatible with the iPad right now, so I can’t mirror all of the editing that I do on the iPhone. So now I have to transfer some photos from the iPad to the iPhone for certain edits.

That brings us to today.  I was browsing Amazon for some SDHC card readers and stumbled upon a 3rd-party hardware accessory from PNY called the zoomIt.  It’s similar to the SD dongle in the Apple CCK, but is also compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch.  There are free apps in the App Store, one for iPhone, one for iPad, that work with the zoomIt dongle to enable file transfers.  So with this dongle, I can fix the two problems I listed above.

I ordered the zoomIt today, but I don’t think it’ll arrive until next week.  I’ll be sure to report on my experience with the zoomIt in the near future.  In the meantime, read the customer review on Amazon for more details.  The reviewer gives a lot of decent information, including his informal benchmarks on how fast file transfers go.  Unfortunately the file transfer sounds really slow, but I am not sure if it’s really due to Apple limiting 3rd-party software in some way, or if the reviewer had a slow card.  Also, from another comment the reviewer made, it’s possible that Apple didn’t want to allow their SD reader to work with the iPhone because of battery drain during a long transfer session.  Since the dock connector is occupied, the iPhone/iPod can’t be on charge while the zoomIt dongle is being used.  Since the iPad has phenomenal battery life, this is less of a concern on the iPad.  

The Apple Stores seem to have more available stock for the Apple Camera Connector Kit these days, but if you’re looking for an alternative, or an additional adapter that works with the iPhone, then perhaps you should look at the PNY zoomIt connector.  Feel free to add comments here regarding your experience with it.


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