Damn you, Indecision!

Mission Aborted

Blah. Yesterday I called a local Kmart to check if they had the $150 Augen GenTouch78 Android tablet that has various news sites buzzing. Unfortunately they had none in stock, but the person I talked to said I could check again tomorrow (today). I was going to, but now I think I’ll pass. I thought it might be a pretty cheap way to finally try out an Android device (one evening of futzing around with a Motorola Droid doesn’t count, IMO), and was eager to maybe get a scoop if I could find one first, since there were so many articles touting news of its availability, but none had actually bought one. However, I just saw this article relaying the author’s brief hands-on experience at the store that convinced him it wasn’t worth picking up. I also saw Engadget’s article about an Android smartbook from the same company whose build quality and performance was pretty lacking. In the past I probably would’ve bought the device anyway, just to try it out, and perhaps hack on it once people could figure out how to shoehorn Android 2.2 onto the GenTouch78, but I a) no longer have such a flexible budget to accommodate a “throwaway” purchase, b) have been trying to curb buying unnecessary gadgets that I won’t actually use on a regular basis (the huge purge of junk we did before moving cross-country sort of ingrained that to a certain degree), and c) have developed intolerance of cheaply-built gadgets that require way more maintenance and irritating hacking (as opposed to fun hacking that leads to learning and discovery) than they’re worth. It’s one thing if the GenTouch78 were a diamond in the rough, but I suspect it is just plain rough. So I guess I’ll pass on this quest. On to waiting for higher-end, worthy devices like the slate devices from HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Motorola…

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