Damn you, Indecision!

Pulse Is Now Alive And Kicking On Android

Back in May, we first wrote about Pulse, an innovative and pretty news reading app for the iPad created by a couple of Stanford grads. Just about a month later, it hit for the iPhone as well. Today, they’re wasting little time graduating beyond the iUniverse with the launch of Pulse for Android.

I love this app on my iPad, so I’m glad Android users are able to use this, too.

I used to say that I didn’t care what platform I was on, since I used web apps as much as possible. However, when the iPhone came along, I grew quite attached to several iOS apps, and preferred them over mobile websites, or even regular websites, since iOS devices can surf “the real Internet”. Native apps that are well-done reformat the information in a user-friendly way, and some even offer more functionality than the original website (*ahTwitterem!*). I’d certainly miss a lot of iOS-specific apps if I were to switch to an Android or webOS device, so the more cross-platform these apps become, the better. Will SkyGrid be the next news app to get ported to Android? That would be cool. 🙂


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