Damn you, Indecision!

Looker predicted Tron Legacy?

Pretty awesome follow-up trailer to the first official Tron Legacy trailer. More backstory, and reveals a young Flynn CG character. The CG is pretty good, but I can tell it is CG, so I get a little “uncanny valley” vibe from that character, which is surprising, considering how good motion capture and humanoid CG animation has gotten (not to mention the amazing CG for the Tron world). No matter; I am still quite impatient to finally see this movie!

Tangent: have you seen the 80s movie called Looker? Roughly it was about a company working on advanced CG and subliminal mind-control tactics to create virtual actors and actresses for commercials. By using this tech, they could make really manipulative TV ads and build a catalog of virtual actors to play any role in TV and movies. It’s a bit hokey, and I’m sure would fall apart under strict SF scrutiny, but I think the basic premise is cool and holds up. I know there was some movie called S1mone, IIRC, that also had some virtual actress (I haven’t seen it myself), but I really thought about Looker when I saw the CG Flynn. Yeah, Looker is pretty dated, but the SF plot points aren’t too dated, IMO. In fact, now I kind of want to rewatch it. I recommend seeing it if you haven’t yet. It’s readily available on Netflix, though not via instant streaming, sadly (I don’t think).


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