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Ten One showcases iPad pressure sensitivity proof of concept | Multimedia | iPhone Central | Macworld

In a move that is sure to excite any artist currently in possession of an iPad (including the one writing this article), Ten One Design on Thursday posted video of a proof of concept showing pressure-sensitive functionality on Apple’s device using the company’s Pogo Stylus. On the downside, Apple’s rules currently prevent the code from making it into shipping apps.

This is pretty awesome! I hope in the near future iPad notetaking/drawing apps will have the ability to pressure-sensitive. I am pleasantly surprised at how the iPad development community has created so many inking apps that we’d normally only see on Tablet PCs. I know they aren’t quite at the same caliber yet as apps like Microsoft OneNote, but the fact that so many drawing and inking apps exist for the iPad is heartening to me. This reminds me that I should get back into checking out some of these apps… I’ve gotten behind on my iPad/iPhone inking exploration, partially because I want to get a different stylus. The PoGo Sketch stylus is alright, but its mushy stylus tip isn’t ideal, at least not for me. IIRC, a company called Ozaki sells a different stylus, one that is more like a regular pen in length, with what appears to be a more sturdy, smooth foam rubber tip. It also has a regular pen at the opposite end. Not sure if this is readily available, but I will be searching online for a retailer.


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