Damn you, Indecision!

Update to my previous iPhone 4 activation rant

In my previous blog post I mistakenly said that when Apple placed my pre-order on the hubby's phone line instead of mine (even though I entered my number), it was probably because he is the primary on our joint AT&T account.  Actually, I forgot the following detail that the hubby told me when he was recounting all of this crap: the AT&T rep hubby talked to had said that the order mix-up was Apple's fault because when I placed my pre-order and Apple's system was checking my eligibility for upgrade, AT&T's system said I was not eligible (patently false).  So the system kicked the order out.  I had no indication of this on my end, incidentally.  However, when my pre-order finally successfully went through, Apple's system associated the phone with hubby's number, likely because of the earlier false information that my line was ineligible for upgrade.  

So I think it's safe to say that all of this activation BS is happening because AT&T's account verification system gave the wrong information about my line.  Yes, Apple shouldn't have associated my pre-order with hubby's line, shame on them.  If there was any doubt about my line's eligibility, they should've just blocked me from pre-ordering at all, or given me a reservation to pick an iPhone 4 up at the store, during which time the so-called problem with my line would probably have been caught and nullified. But if AT&T's system was working fine at the time and correctly indicated that my line was indeed eligible for upgrade, I doubt any of this crap would've happened.

P.S.  Throughout all this ordeal, I've heard a lot of smack talk from AT&T employees about Apple and the employees at the Apple Stores.  Classy.

P.P.S.  When I called AT&T after my phone got activated on the hubby's line, the lady I talked to suggested that perhaps his phone pre-order came first, and that's why it got activated on his number.  This didn't make any sense to me because at the time I thought that before activation, iPhones are not associated with anyone's AT&T account info, just your Apple account info for the order.  However, after learning about how iPhone orders are actually handled, that at the time of order they are bound to an AT&T phone line, the lady's comment rings true, in a sense.  

I reiterate that if they would just sell the phones straight without any connection at all to an AT&T account until the point of activation, stupid situations such as mine wouldn't occur. >:P  So someone gets mad because he/she ordered a phone that he/she was not eligible to upgrade to…so what?  Sure beats endless phone calls and multiple SIM swaps.


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