Damn you, Indecision!

Damn this never-ending iPhone 4 activation crap

Well, I thought the activation problems with my iPhone 4 were all sorted out when we got new SIMs to fix the initial activation issue (my phone got activated on hubby’s line instead of mine)…apparently not. The latest chapter in the saga is that hubby’s iPhone 4 order is now on hold because there already is a phone activated on his line, according to AT&T’s records! Hubby called AT&T and found out that while I placed my pre-order with my phone number, Apple associated the order with hubby’s number, probably because he is the primary on our joint account. This would explain why he was having issues during his pre-order, and why my phone got activated on his line when I got it and set it up. GRRRRRRRR!

So AT&T told him that we have to go to an Apple Store, explain the situation, and have them either give us a phone associated with my number (since hubby has already waited out the pre-order time and would have a phone now if it weren’t for this mess), or place an expedited order that will ship ASAP (likely by July 2, as his original pre-order stated). This is a ridiculous mess. Yes, this was likely a point-of-sale SNAFU by Apple when I place my pre-order, but it kind of irritates me to begin with that iPhone sales had to be checked against our existing accounts. IMO, they should’ve just sold the phones without checking account status with AT&T until the point of activation. This would’ve made the whole pre-order business go much smoother! I know this could create problems at time of activation, like if a person isn’t eligible for upgrade or whatever, but checking someone’s upgrade status before activating the phone in-store (I think that would have to be a requirement to minimize issues) is a lot better than this crap that the hubby and I need to deal with now. Whenever he gets his new phone, for whatever reason, we’re going to have to get new SIMs swapped into both phones again! Damn you both, Apple and AT&T. >:P


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