Damn you, Indecision!

Domino magazine reborn…in a way

This is pretty awesome! Before the iPad came out, I blogged a post or two about missing Domino, the great interior design magazine that used to be published by Condé Nast. I thought perhaps with all the talk about digital magazines rising in popularity with news about new slate computing devices like the iPad coming out, that defunct print magazines like Domino could be reborn digitally. Well it seems Domino has come back in a way, but not as I had expected. Lonny is a website whose publication aims to mimic the relatable, accessible decorating ideas in Domino. Read more about their philosophy here. I still hold out hope that a digital magazine version for the iPad and other e-readers comes out, but for now, I am definitely going to add Lonny to my online reading list. =====

From The New York Times:

For Interior Designers, D.I.Y. Philosophy Extends to Web Magazine

After Condé Nast closed Domino, two designers created Lonny, an online publication that finds a way to look and act like a print magazine while offering Web-only benefits.



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