Damn you, Indecision!

Some comments about the Pulse newsreader for iPad

I’m sure its not surprising for most of you to hear that I am not a heavy reader of RSS feeds anymore. I used to try to read a lot of feeds everyday, but after several times of accumulating quite a backlog of posts, I’ve resigned myself to being a more casual feed reader. There are a couple tools that I use on my iPad for casual feed reading — Pulse and Skygrid. When Pulse got Google Reader support, I decided to try it. It easily pulled in feeds that I chose from my OPML file, which is nice. I was always annoyed with RSS aggregators that just stupidly pulled in ALL of my feeds, without allowing me to choose the ones I thought would be appropriate to monitor via my iPhone. However, I am a little disappointed that at this time, that’s the extent of Pulse’s connection to my Google Reader account. AFAIK, it does not maintain unread counts, nor can I share posts, favorite them, or use any of the other Google Reader options for working with feed items, like sending them to Instapaper or Evernote. I suppose that one could argue that because Pulse is a more casual news reader, it doesn’t make sense for the developers to add in all of the GReader mumbo-jumbo and clutter up the user experience. I can see that POV. But I hope that maybe, just maybe, the developers could turn on a GReader mode or something that would allow us to share items on GReader or Buzz or even send them to a Posterous blog, complete with pictures. I also wish that Pulse could load more than the 10 – 20 (?) items per feed that it’s currently limited to. It would be nice if when we reach the end of the queue of items for a feed, it would automatically load up 10 or 20 more items and keep going until the feed is actually “empty”, a la Twitter clients that actually support going back in one’s tweet backlog. More GReader sharing options and loading more than 20 (or however many) feed items would make the Pulse reader feel a lot more like a casual news reader with just a little bit more oomph.


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