Damn you, Indecision!

Something to think about…

So here’s the tradeoff in my mind: Get a brand new iPhone at the end of June – but with the cost of another two years with AT&T – or wait six months just to see if the iPhone shows up on another carrier.

Six months really isn’t that long.

I’m seriously leaning toward the latter.

Please go read the article at Webomatica linked above. It totally voices my concerns about AT&T and iPhone 4. However, I feel like I will be unable to wait to upgrade as Jason says he might. I’m a classic early-adopter, so I’m quite impatient given gadget releases, but over time I have been able to rein myself in and do staggered upgrade cycles. I passed on the first iPhone, but finally bought the iPhone 3G. And while I was super annoyed that I couldn’t upgrade cheaply to the 3Gs because my 2-year contract was still in play, waiting to upgrade until now has made getting an iPhone 4 kind of a given (I tweeted yesterday to someone that I figured current 3Gs owners would have to think hard about whether the hardware updates in the iPhone 4 are worth it for them, whereas current 3G owners like Jason and me are probably just chomping at the bit now). I am totally ready to get the iPhone 4 because of its 5MP camera with HD video capabilities and the high-res display. There are a lot of other great features coming in iOS 4, but the two features I mentioned are the ones most important/appealing to me.

However as Jason mentioned, AT&T is a big obstacle to the upgrade path. His concerns about AT&T mirror mine. And in this new place that we’re renting in the south Bay Area, making/receiving calls is definitely hit or miss. We basically have to be upstairs to get a decent signal, and even then the threat of a dropped call still looms and/or strikes. So I am even more soured on the prospect of having to deal with AT&T for another 2 years (at least). We knew that when we moved out to the Bay Area from Chicago that AT&T coverage would just get worse, but knowing it and experiencing it are two different things. It is quite frustrating to have so many dropped calls when I actually didn’t have nearly as much trouble with that back in Chicago.

Yeah, it’s possible that Verizon or T-Mobile will get the iPhone 4 in a few months. But I am not really a Verizon fan, so I don’t think that they’d be any better to deal with, even if on the surface their coverage seems better in this area. I used to be a longtime T-Mobile customer, and they were alright. I just moved away from them because of the iPhone. I also prefer GSM over CDMA for various reasons. So I guess I’d prefer it if T-Mobile would get the iPhone over Verizon. T-Mobile have a decent track record with customer service and not nickel-and-diming people on things like data tethering (example: free tethering with the Nexus One and Froyo). In an ideal world, T-Mobile would break AT&T’s hold over the iPhone, preferably sooner rather than later. The idealist side of me would love to wait to get a non-AT&T-backed iPhone. And yet I will probably just suck it up and pre-order now (well, June 15) because my instant gratification side will win over my “I hate AT&T” side. :-/ I hope for Jason’s sake that AT&T exclusivity breaks sooner than his predicted 6 months, though. 🙂


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