Damn you, Indecision!

Aloft Hotel Loves Geeks

Forgive the unconventional formatting of this post. I’m e-mailing it from GReader mobile on my iPad. 


Aloft Hotel Loves Geeks

Traveling with a bag full of computers and gadgets can be a real pain. One of the most frustrating things I deal with when traveling is that most hotel rooms simply aren’t set up for guests traveling with multiple computers, cameras and mobile devices. There’s rarely enough AC outlets to plug more than a couple of devices in at a time and accessing the Internet can be a real (and expensive) hassle.


Amen, Brotha! While I don’t travel that much, whenever we do, it is glaringly obvious how Luddite hotels can be. I thought perhaps that staying at a hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley would remedy all of the technophobe behavior we’be seen in other hotels, but NO! This is not the case. The extended-stay place we’re in right now is poorly supplied with outlets and their Wi-Fi, though free, is completely inadequate for all but the most basic of surfing/checking e-mail/social networks. While we were relying on the MiFi for our main net connection, we had to stop since we went a little hog wild and had racked up almost 5GB of usage up until a few days ago. Since I didn’t want to risk major overage, I figured out how to tether my iPhone and use its unlimited connection for our surfing needs. Even though AT&T coverage is lame in many parts of the valley, its perfectly serviceable here and has been a life saver! It boggles my mind how unaware hotels are to the tech needs of travelers. I would so pay more for a hotel properly set up for techie travelers!


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