Damn you, Indecision!

I’m leavin’ on a jet plane

Actually, no I’m not. We’re leaving in an FJ Cruiser towing a big trailer behind us with a bunch of our belongings in it (couldn’t quite pare our stuff down to just a trailer-full of stuff, so we have a couple Relocubes for the rest of it). Up until now I haven’t officially posted a “we’re moving!” entry, so here it is. We’re moving! Out to the Bay Area in CA! Exciting! Except right now we’re more frazzled, tired, and physically/mentally drained rather than excited. We’re still packing and cleaning out the house, and closing is tomorrow. Just heard of some complications with our arrangements with closing that may require us to actually go to closing, but I’m hoping that’s not how it turns out. :-/

In the meantime, we continue to pack and load up the trailer with last-minute things we’re distributing to family and friends, like pantry-sized loads of groceries that we have left over and won’t get through before leaving tomorrow. We’re still so busy that it hasn’t fully sunken in that we are actually moving. I mean sure, the house is getting increasingly bare, and a lot of our stuff has been sold/given away, and there are a ton of bins packed full of our stuff that we’re not going to have easy access to for a while, but the looming closing deadline is still taking precedence in our minds. Once we are finally on the road towards the west coast tomorrow (whenever that ends up being), and we’re hearing the whiny, “we don’t like being in a moving car” meows of our cats during the road trip, I think that’s when we’ll finally feel that yes, we are both going to be living in a completely new environment to both of us, and then a new phase of excitement (and some anxiety, I’m sure) will overcome us. So while we have a bottle of champagne still waiting in the fridge, perhaps we should wait to consume it once we’ve reached the first overnight stop during our road trip. Otherwise, I don’t think we’ll entirely be in the celebratory frame of mind. We’ll see.

So yeah, I’ll still be online during the road trip, probably mostly via VZW MiFi and some via AT&T 3G. I’m going to try to make up for all of the time I didn’t take many pictures while we were getting our house sold, and take a bunch of road trip photos, both film and digital. Watch the usual suspects for updates, both textual and visual. Until then, please send some positive vibes our way so give us the last bit of energy to finish clearing out the house, pack up, and get drivin’. Thanks! 🙂

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