Damn you, Indecision!

Apple iPad: a skeptic’s review – SlashGear

I didn’t intend to get an iPad. For a start, I’m in the UK, and – even before the recent news that Apple would be delaying the tablet’s international release – there’s no sign of them at my local Apple Store. Beyond that, though, while I could appreciate the design and the glowing feedback Vincent proffered from the iPad’s launch, it just didn’t seem like the device for me. And yet, when on Saturday April 3rd my US colleagues asked “would you like us to send you one?” I said yes. Since it arrived, around two weeks ago, I’ve gone through marvelling at the industrial design, puzzling over how to fit it into my daily routine, and finally – perhaps grudgingly – recognising its strengths (and, of course, its weaknesses).

Great moderate review of the iPad. I agree with many of the points in this review. While the iPad has become my primary mobile device, I still spend a decent amount of time on my laptop (I’m using it right now) and my iPhone depending on the situation. The iPad App Store is still filling out, and I feel we’re still missing a few “killer apps” in certain categories. The accessory market is still lagging behind right now, but I think by summertime, there’ll be a much larger selection of docks, stands, cases, etc.

Anyway, while it totally irritates me when people dismiss the iPad as no big deal (ahem, it is a big deal for people who were once intimidated by regular computers but can now enjoy casual computing, just as one example), I don’t expect everyone to think it’s the awesomest computing device ever. It has limitations, and though people like to forget this, it’s meant to fit squarely between the laptop and smartphone categories, so this means it’s not going to be appropriate for every situation that might call for a laptop/smartphone. But by the same token, it could very well replace laptops for people whose computing needs don’t go beyond basic e-mailing, browsing, and media consumption…I digress.

Hit up the Slashgear link above to read the whole review article. Do it now! 🙂


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