Damn you, Indecision!

Wherefore art thou, oh to-do alarms (on iPad)?

Ugh.  For a long while I bellyached that there were no to-do apps for the iPhone that had alarm reminders.  The consensus at that time was that since apps couldn't run in the background, none of the to-do apps could alert me to approaching deadlines.  Okay, fine, I accepted that.  With the arrival of push notifications, a flurry of to-do apps with push notifications became available.  Well, I feel like I'm having deja vu, because for all the to-do apps available on the iPad (not that many, actually, or at least not many I'd consider getting), only one of them supports alarms via push notifications — Toodledo.  However, it seems that while that app is only $2.99, you have to sign up for a subscription  to their web service in order to customize your alarms.  It's unclear from checking their website whether or not you can actually have reminder alarms if you don't pay for the site's subscription.  Perhaps if you don't get the subscription, you can't set the alarm to go off ahead of the set deadline, but it'll still push an alarm out when the deadline comes…  Either way, I don't really like the hidden cost behind this alarm feature, so I'm not really interested in purchasing Toodledo.  

Once iPhone 4.0 comes out, IIRC, there will be a local push notification option that allows apps to send notifications without having to go through Apple's servers, so this could be what some app developers are working toward, hence the utter lack of to-do apps with alarms right now.  Okay, I guess if that's the case, I can wait.  I guess as an early adopter this is one of those things you have to deal with, but that doesn't mean I don't still get impatient. :-/


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