Damn you, Indecision!

First Looks: Ozaki iFinger Pad S + L Styluses for iPad | iLounge

I know that the iPad isn’t meant to be used with a stylus. However, I still like to try figuring out how to do ink blogging or handwritten notes on any device that might have the capability. And even though Steve Jobs apparently hates styli, there are still plenty of iPad apps out there that allow you to do handwritten notes or sketches that would benefit from using a stylus. I already have a Pogo Sketch stylus, and saw another stylus by a Taiwanese brand called Dagi that looks like a good one to try. This stylus by Ozaki has its own charms. The smaller one has a tether that can fit into the headphone jack, while the bigger version loses the tether, but gains a pen on the other end. Both seem handy, though I think I would go with the bigger stylus for more ergonomic operation while writing/sketching. If I get around to picking up one of these, or the Dagi stylus, I’ll be sure to post a follow-up here.


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