Damn you, Indecision!

Still searching for the right iPad RSS aggregator

Like many people, when I bought my iPad, I got a little carried away trying and buying iPad-specific apps. One app I was trying to pin down was a good RSS aggregator, specifically one that would sync with my Google Reader account. I tried Feeddler (the free version), and it was working out fine for me until I realized it was missing Instapaper support and the ability to share articles via e-mail.

I kept hearing how people were downloading NetNewsReader, but it is $9.99, which is a little pricey for my tastes. No, I’m not trying to be super-cheap or anything. My main hesitation is that there have been some less-than-favorable reviews for it (performance issues and such). Also, I have been rather bad at keeping up with my RSS feeds (I get a lot of my news and interesting links from Twitter and Google News), so $10 is a bit much to spend on an app that I may not even use regularly. I ended up paying $2 or $3 for BLNS newsreader (IIR the name C), and it’s an okay app, but still not as good as I’d like (and as I feared would happen with NetNewsReader, I haven’t used BLNS much since I bought it). I also recently bought NewsRack because someone I know online bought it which caused me to check it out, and I saw that the devs are offering it as a universal app that I can use on both my iPad and iPhone. I wanted to reward them for that. I don’t like that other devs are putting out iPad-optimized apps as separate products, requiring those of us who already own the iPhone version to pay for the app again. It’s one thing if the app was completely redone for the iPad, is quite different from the iPhone version, and a lot better because of it. But I’m seeing that there are many apps where this is not the case. Shame on those devs for such a blatant money grab.

Eventually, I hope, apps like Reeder and MobileRSS — two RSS aggregator apps for the iPhone that I like a lot — will be updated for the iPad. It’d be nice if those devs don’t make us pay twice for these apps. However, it seems that for all the searching I’ve done on the App Store for a good Google Reader client, I think viewing the mobile version of GReader in the iCabMobile browser in full-screen mode seems like the nicest, most full-featured experience so far for me. Granted iCabMobile wasn’t free, but I’d already bought it to be a secondary browser (wish I could make it my primary browser for the iPad) anyway. It makes sense that I’d end up liking the web version of GReader, considering it’s what I use on my laptop. Well, I use the full version of GReader’s site on my laptop, but the mobile version seems a bit better for iPad viewing, even though I can use the full version. The stripped-down mobile version feels sprightly in iCabMobile, and I still have the full links for sharing, sharing with a note, starring, etc. I can’t remember if the “send to” link from the full version is in the mobile GReader, but it doesn’t matter much, since I can easily open an item in a new tab and then use the Instapaper bookmarklet or the “add Google Bookmark” bookmarklet to save articles at will. So while I won’t stop browsing the App Store for new Google Reader apps, I at least have a couple good alternatives — NewsRack and the mobile GReader site in iCabMobile — to use for now.


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