Damn you, Indecision!

My iPad App Store tab so far…

Editor’s Note #2: Okay, I’ll give this blog a pass this time. Finally checked out the Posterous entry that cross-posted here and saw it had the same format mangling. I forgive you…this time.

Editor’s Note: GRRRRRR. This type of formatting mangling is why I am really considering just blogging on my Posterous site and not cross-posting it here. >:P

(Editor's note: Keep reading after the list of apps for additional commentary)
Item NumberDescriptionUnit Price1iBooks, v1.0, Seller: Apple Inc. (4+) 
 Free2Shazam for iPad, v1.0, Seller: Shazam Entertainment Limited (12+) 
 Free3Twitterrific for iPad, v1.0, Seller: The Iconfactory (4+) 
 Free4ABC Player, v1.0.1003, Seller: ABC Digital (12+) 
 Free5CameraBag for iPad, v1.9.1, Seller: Nevercenter Ltd. Co. (4+) 
 $2.996Twilight, The Graphic Novel, Lite, Volume 1, v1.0.1, Seller: Hachette Book Group, Inc. (4+) 
 Free7TweetDeck for iPad, v1.0, Seller: TweetDeck Inc. (4+)
 Free8AccuWeather.com Cirrus Free, v1, Seller: Steven Mesko (4+) 
 Free9Netflix, v1.0.0, Seller: James Odell (12+) 
 Free10USA TODAY for iPad, v1.0, Seller: USA TODAY (4+) 
 Free11Words With Friends HD, v3.10, Seller: newtoy, inc. (4+) 
 $4.9912Tabbed Browser, v1.0.1, Seller: Cross Forward Consulting, LLC (17+) 
 Free13WeatherBug Elite for iPad, v1.0.0.7, Seller: AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc. (4+) 
 Free14The Weather Channel Max for iPad, v1.0, Seller: The Weather Channel (4+) 
 Free15eBay for iPad, v1.0, Seller: eBay Inc. (12+) 
 Free16Marvel Comics, v1.0, Seller: Marvel Entertainment (12+) 
 Free17Yahoo! Entertainment, v1.0.1, Seller: Yahoo! (4+) 
 Free18CAMERA-A, v1.1, Seller: Yusuke sekikawa (4+) 
 $0.9919JotBook, v1.0, Seller: mrwired (4+) 
 $2.9920Scribble Notes, v1.0, Seller: Scott Stahurski (4+) 
 $4.9921popplet lite, v1.1, Seller: Notion, Inc. (4+) 
 Free22SkyGrid, v1.0.1, Seller: SkyGrid (4+) 
 Free23Comics, v1.5, Seller: comiXology (17+) 
 Free24Twittelator Pad for Twitter, v1.0, Seller: Stone Design Corp (4+) 
 $4.9925Adobe® Ideas 1.0 for iPad, v1.0, Seller: Adobe Systems, Inc. (4+) 
 Free26iCab Mobile (Web Browser), v3.0, Seller: Alexander Clauss (17+) 
 $1.99Subtotal:$23.93Tax:$1.50Order Total:$25.43

Uh, this is kind of ridiculous… **sheepish grin**  Of all of these apps, I'm kind of annoyed that I paid for JotBook, Scribble Notes, Camera-A, and Twittelator Pad for Twitter.

I already blogged about JotBook and Scribble Notes.  I was too excited when I found Camera-A because the idea of using the iPhone as an external camera for the iPad sounded like such an awesome idea!  The problem was that the free companion app for the iPhone only works on the iPhone 3Gs.  Booooooooo!  There is another similar app called Camera for iPad that I *might* try out, since it works on the iPhone 3G.  

As for Twittelator, I can't remember if I blogged about this or not.  However, I'll repeat what I've tweeted: I'm pretty unimpressed by the Twittelator UI.  I think it's a bad waste of screen real estate.  Please take a lesson from Twitterrific!  I appreciate that it supports posting longer tweets (though AFAIK I think it's handled by splitting tweets, not using Twitlonger, which is another thing I'm not that fond of), and sending links to Instapaper (dude, Twitterrific, what's up with that omission?), and other additional features, but I just am not liking the UI.  Yes, it's a different way to present Twitter stream information, but for my taste, it's not a good different.

Anyway, getting back to the list of apps, this total would've been bigger had I given in to my app-buying frenzy and gotten Things for tasks/to-do management, and NetNewsWire for a Google Reader client.  Both apps are on the pricier side, hence my hesitation to buy them, but if I could get a do-over regarding the dud apps above, I would gladly download Things and NNW in their stead.  I'll probably buy those apps eventually, but at the moment I'm trying to settle down and rein in the spending for a little while.

P.S.  I haven't blogged about Adobe Ideas yet, but it's a pretty nice sketching app that I think could be a decent ink blogging app for someone wanting to go the free-app route.  And yes, it's useful for sketching free-form diagrams and notes as well. 🙂


2 responses

  1. kgb

    I linked to ur blog from gtbm. I’m an inker from way back; trying to c if the iPad will work, but I think it’s futile? I have tried sketchpad HD and it seems to be the best option for inking so far. I’ll stay tuned to ur bog.

    April 10, 2010 at 11:02 am

  2. The main issue with inking on the iPad is that there’s no palm rejection. So I have to put a folded microfiber cloth under my hand while I’m writing, or try to ink without putting my hand down. Either is kind of annoying. But for the short ink blogging I do, it works alright. The FastFinga app works especially well since it is not optimized for the iPad screen and allows some palm resting on the screen, as long as it’s outside of the app window. I also like that you can write large, and then FastFinga shrinks it down to make it normal-sized in the writing area.

    Try Adobe Ideas for a free app. It smoothes inking strokes to some degree, but it’s really meant for sketching. Pretty nice for free, though.

    April 10, 2010 at 11:14 am

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