Damn you, Indecision!

Yo, App Store, Fix This…!

I am itching to buy a to-do app for my iPhone.  I have been using 2Do Lite, which is a pretty good app.  I'd be happy buying the full version, but I'm still curious about seeing and/or trying other to-do apps before committing to buying 2Do.  Sure, it's not expensive, but some of the other to-do apps are, so it's not that smart financially to buy like 5 or 10 to-do apps and see which ones stick when some cost $10 or so.  I have already spent a ton in the App Store, and need to rein things in a little bit.  So I was browsing the to-do apps in iTunes on my MacBook when I came across a lame to-do app that is listed for $99.99!  I do not want to mention the company doing this because I don't want to give them any direct publicity, but the company name is present in the screen shot below:


Now as you can see, some apps are reasonably-priced at $0.99, $2.99.  But then there are other apps sprinkled in, listed at $99.99.  I even saw a flashlight app from this company that I guess was priced at $0.99 at first, then jacked up to $99.99, just so the app could get a review (the reviewer mentioned it was worth paying a dollar for the flashlight app).  Wow.  This company has quite the nerve.  I'm sorry, but if you search for the to-do app from this company, you'll see it has such a basic, crappy interface that makes it clear this app doesn't have  enough functionality to make it worth the $100.  Clearly they're counting on people not paying attention to what they're buying.  

Yes, the App Store has come under fire for censorship and other inconsistent rulings on app rejections, but I think that Apple and the app reviewers need to crack down on this BS post-haste.  It's plain to see that the functionality and pricing do not match here.  I'm not saying that all of the other high-priced apps in the App Store should be taken down, or have their prices changed to be $0.99.  I'm saying that in this particular case, the evidence points to the company trying to make a greedy money grab, a total scam, offering no functionality worth $100 in these apps.  It's just one of the situations that Apple got itself into, where they want to do quality control checks on apps coming into the App Store, yet a ton of these lame apps from exploitative developers get through.  If Apple is going to keep up these quality control checks, Apple should damn well get it right.


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