Damn you, Indecision!

Backlog of links

I often will go through my Twitter backlog in Tweetie (for Mac) and start opening links that seem interesting, letting them stew in the browser while I work my way up to the most recent tweets in the backlog.  Well, Chrome decided it was going to lock up and hang and stuff, so I painstakingly copied all of the links I hadn't yet read (or was in the middle of reading) into a TextEdit window before I force quit Chrome.  You guys may or may not be interested in these links, but I thought I'd dump them here just for fun.  I haven't read all of these yet, so if any of them are sucky in anyway, I did not know this before posting. 😛

  • var agent=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); var is_iphone = (agent.indexOf(‘mobile’)!=-1) && ((agent.indexOf(‘iphone’)!=-1) || (agent.indexOf(‘ipod’)!=-1)); if (is_iphone) { $(‘quicktime_embed-emrBwEcGmy’).show(); $(‘flash_embed-emrBwEcGmy’).hide(); } else { $(‘flash_embed-emrBwEcGmy’).show(); $(‘quicktime_embed-emrBwEcGmy’).hide(); }


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