Damn you, Indecision!

Preview: Instapaper on iPad – Instapaper Blog

I’m probably supposed to keep this secret and build everyone’s anticipation to hype this up. Oh well. Maybe I’ll do that for the Instapaper edition for Apple’s next revolutionary computing platform. First: Instapaper is definitely coming to iPad.

**doing a happy dance** Even though I’m not going to have an iPad right on April 3rd (waiting for the 3G version, and even then, will probably have to wait until after first-day availability due to budget constraints), I am eagerly watching all of the news about my favorite iPhone apps getting ported over to the iPad. Read the rest of Marco Arment’s blog post to learn more about Instapaper Pro on the iPad as well as a developer’s approach to releasing an app for the iPad as close to day one as possible.

Thanks, Marco!


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