Damn you, Indecision!

Slow as molasses in March


Oh for crying out loud, why must iPhone backups take SO DAMN LONG?  My iPhone is about half full of content according to iTunes, yet it is taking *forever* to back up this measly ~7.5GB of stuff.  Has there been any real explanation about why iPhone backups take so long?  I can't imagine what the technical reason for these lengthy backups could be.  Sure, I could cancel a backup by clicking on the "x" button in the iTunes status window, but a) a quick glance at an old discussion forum thread implies that canceling a backup could corrupt a current backup (not sure how valid that is), and b) the only real times that I connect my iPhone to my computer and initiate a backup is because I'm either upgrading the firmware or jailbreaking, times during which one should be vigilant about creating a backup.  In this case, I wanted to jailbreak my phone for the several-th time, but the backup is killing my momentum.  And as I posted earlier on Google Buzz, I usually end up getting a hankering to do the jailbreak sometime late at night, so slowing the process down with an unfathomably-long backup is not desirable. 😛  

I guess I'll have to let the backup happen overnight and continue in the morning.  Lamesauce.


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