Damn you, Indecision!

Limited Edition M&Ms Coconut – Candy Blog

After hearing about them last summer, I kept my eye out for them, but never found any. Then a week or two ago I saw some at the register in Walmart and picked up a couple bags. I forgot about them until now. 🙂 They’re quite tasty! I’ve been moving away from American candy bars and chocolates because I don’t like how sickly sweet the milk *and* dark chocolate products are (Hershey’s Special Dark used to be my favorite, but now not so much). Japanese chocolates are pretty good; even most of their milk chocolate doesn’t taste as toothachingly-sweet as most American chocolates. I’m a dark chocolate fiend, so I do prefer my chocolate on the less sweet side.

Anyway, these M&Ms are great. I thought I’d have to go back to Walmart and stock up, but apparently the coconut M&Ms have become a regular product offering, so try a bag if you can. If you like candy bars like the UK Bounty, or American Mounds/Almond Joy bars, you’ll like these M&Ms.


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