Damn you, Indecision!

Stuck in Customs | Google Buzz is Live!

Google Buzz is great for photography and friends!

Follow me on Google Buzz here. And, are you on Google Buzz yet, if so, share your profile in the comments with the community, so that new people to Buzz can find others to follow!  For the first photo I released on Buzz, I decided to add a brand new unpublished work of boats at sunset at the Portofino Hotel.

Here is why Google Buzz is great for photography and conversation and friends:

  • The photos go Full Screen and can be viewed in their proper glory
  • I get to see people’s photos as soon as they go up and scroll through them in a nice lightbox
  • It’s very simple and built right into the GMail interface
  • Conversations are real-time and it has all the “fun” of a chat room without the pressure

Nice take on Google Buzz from a photographer’s point of view. Follow the link above to check out more of Trey Ratcliff’s photography, and while you’re there, follow some other photographers on Google Buzz.


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