Damn you, Indecision!

Microsoft Courier…pretty frackin’ cool if it works as demoed!

Editor’s note: I heard about the Microsoft Courier a while ago, and I saw that these Gizmodo articles are from late last year, but I never really followed up on it. I just watched these demo videos today, so sorry if this is old news to some of you. At this point, IIRC, Courier is still a concept idea (please correct me if I’m wrong), and devices like the HP slate device that MS demoed at CES are what MS is focusing on right now. Hopefully, though, the Courier becomes real soon, because I think it would be a compelling device for people to consider.

Check out Gizmodo for a demo video showing a possible usage scenario for the Microsoft Courier tablet concept. If the demo is pretty close to actual device usage, I will be so happy to plunk down some money (I’ll find it somewhere!) for it. Basically the Courier concept takes the best parts that I loved about using a Tablet PC and updating it for today. I used my Tablet PC as a digital notebook, handwriting notes, drawing diagrams, ink blogging (duh), and clipping parts of web pages to keep for reference, very similarly to what was shown in the demo video. OneNote was a great notebook, and Windows Journal was nice for simpler notes that didn’t necessarily need to be organized into a notebook. Even the snipping tool looks like it made it into the Courier concept.

I will be watching development on this device pretty closely. Even though I think the Apple iPad is a great general-use computing device for a lot of people, I am still very interested in the computing model that the Tablet PC/Courier represents. One of my ongoing clean-up/moving projects has been to go through my stacks of old magazines to cull the articles, ads, and photos/graphics that I want to keep, then recycle the remains. I have a *ton* of loose papers that I’ve been filing into expanding folders that will need further organization into more permanent binders at some point. I’d love it if I could scan them all in and organize them into a digital “inspiration notebook” that is quickly searchable. Currently I can scan all of these papers in, and do some kind of crude notebooking with the apps that are out there right now, but working with such apps now is not quite the same as the Courier’s model of a journal/notebook. The interface for the Courier is so much closer to pen and paper, which I feel puts your mind into a more creative mindset than working on a desktop computer or a laptop.

Anyway, after you’ve seen the demo at Gizmodo linked above, also check out this other Gizmodo post with a second demo video: http://gizmodo.com/5369493/leaked-courier-video-shows-how-well-actually-use-it . It is also pretty intriguing. Yay! 😀


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