Damn you, Indecision!

More Fun with FastFinga

Editor’s note: since I’ve decided to post this from my iPhone
directly, I will type out the text “translation” of my inked post
later. For now, enjoy a fully inked post from my iPhone using just my
finger, no Pogo Sketch.

Text conversion updated:

Hey, Kids.

I saw that my blog post about FastFinga seems to have generated some interest. I’m glad that I was able to showcase this app. I think it’s pretty well-done. I’m doing this ink blog post completely via finger, instead of with the Pogo Sketch. I think the results are still fairly good, considering. However, my wrist is getting sore writing this way. Hmph. Oh, also, I turned on the setting to insert text automatically after a period of idle time and it works quite well. You can even turn on both methods of text entry, auto & manual at the same time, if you like. The app is quite flexible. I’ll also have to play with the emote and inserting photos some time. It’ll be nice to have some “enhanced” ink blog posts.

P.S. Wow, I found out that if you pinch and/or zoom the text you’ve written, it will be completely re-flowed to fit the page width. Also, there seems to be a bug where after you resize your written text, the subsequent text you write will be invisible while you write it. This whole P.S. has been written blindly. : \


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