Damn you, Indecision!

Social Networking Guilt

Steven Levy on The Burden of Twitter

I know this article is a year old, but I came across it while going through old Wired magazines (and looked up the online version to blog it). I feel a guilt about my social network accounts and my other online presences, similar to what Steven Levy mentioned in his article. I feel guilty when I don’t post for extended periods of time, but at the same time I feel annoyed. Why should I feel guilty for not spending all day on my computer? Yes, there are times when I have marathon surfing sessions, and I don’t feel bad about doing that because it’s part of my personality. But when I drop in on FriendFeed or Jaiku or Facebook after days or weeks of absence, I feel bad. Ugh. And the feeling is compounded by sites like FriendFeed because when I do post, nobody responds, since I’ve fallen off their radar. So then I post less. It’s a lame cycle, Man. :-/


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