Damn you, Indecision!

Stupid Architectural Digest…Bring Back Domino!


Architectural Digest may be a fine magazine and all (though seeing all of these expensive houses in this economy doesn't do me much good), but Conde Nast started sending issues to me in lieu of Domino Magazine since Domino was discontinued.  Sorry, Conde Nast, I can never forgive you for that.  So stop sending me these stupid notices that my Architectural Digest subscription has expired; good riddance! >:P  I want Domino back!

It's pretty damn annoying that the first Google result for a "Domino magazine" search is Architectural Digest's webpage. **major GRRRRR**  But the Google search does yield other results showing that I'm not the only one who loves and dearly misses Domino:

1. Flickr fan group called The Domino Magazine Files

2. Of course Domino has its own Wikipedia page

3. Oh, I didn't realize that Domino published a book!  Added to my Amazon Wish List. 😀  Please don't buy them out before I am able to get a copy.

4. A couple different NYTimes articles about Domino's demise and the fans that mourn its passing

5. There's also a Facebook fan page, but it mainly has links to Domino's defunct website, so it's a little less useful of a resource.

6. Speaking of Domino's defunct website, here's Architectural Digest's lame note to us Domino fans. 😛  In NO WAY is Architectural Digest a sister publication to Domino.

There are many interior design blogs all over that have their own news items and tributes to Domino, but I finally had to post my own, spurred by AD's lame subscription notice.  Like I said AD, good riddance.  Don't need anymore of these magazines cluttering up my house.


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