Damn you, Indecision!

Follow this guy on Flickr NOW.

Now onto the e-mail. I get this e-mail quite a bit, and I try to answer it the best that I can. The basic request is generally for any helpful advice I have for photographers just getting started, who are not sure how to get better, and are generally discouraged by looking at all the great photography out there and thinking they will never get there.

I have answered this question more times that I can remember, in e-mails, over the counter at Blue Moon Camera, in high school and college classrooms, out in the field, etc. Each time that I answer it, my answer tends to evolve a little, so here is the latest evolution:

If you are not already following Zeb Andrews on Flickr, do yourself a favor and click on the link above to get to his wonderful photo, read the advice he has for fellow photographers, and then add him as a contact. You will be amazed by his wonderful photos and prose, and be inspired and learn how to be a better photographer.


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