Damn you, Indecision!

Inklet turns your MacBook trackpad into a tablet | Macworld

Has your inner artist been on a hunger strike, protesting to be let out? Or is he or she more of the red-paint-on-fur-coat activist type that’s angry about the high cost of Wacom tablets? Regardless, Ten One Design’s new Inklet app may put an end to your suffering, as it can turn an ordinary MacBook trackpad into a pen tablet.

Awesome sauce! I am always looking out for new ways I can ink blog using devices other than my Toshiba M200. I just recently ordered the Ten One Pogo Sketch stylus because it is supposed to work on my iPhone AND the trackpad on my MacBook. I figured that I would try inking in Skitch to test out the Pogo Sketch, but this Inklet app sounds like an app I need to try. I wonder how Inklet compares to ArtRage, an app that I used a lot on my Tablet PC (I actually miss it), as far as compatibility with the Pogo Sketch? I’ll be sure to blog about it after I’ve received the Pogo Sketch (slated to arrive on Wednesday).


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